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Your Pension Fund is a valuable asset that was intended to provide income in your retirement.  Please think carefully before making an irreversible decision
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You don't have to wait until you retire
to take a Tax Free Lump Sum from your pension

Law on Pension Lump Sums   Pension law in the UK currently allows anybody aged 55 or over with a personal pension fund to take benefits (a tax free lump sum and / or an income) from that fund.

Personal Pension Tax Free Lump Sum Rules   If you have a personal pension and you ask your existing pension provider to just pay you the tax free lump sum, they are likely to tell you that they can't pay you it unless you also take an income in the form of an annuity as well. Some providers may pay you a lump sum but 75% of the amount you receive will be taxable. This is to do with the new rules that govern personal pensions.

Income Drawdown for Pension Lump Sum Only   However, if you transfer your pension to an income drawdown contract (a more flexible form of personal pension), you can then take just the TAX FREE LUMP SUM and leave the rest invested until later. That is exactly what we do.

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UK Tax Free Cash Service

If you are aged 55 or over you can take up to 25% of your pension fund value Tax Free Now !!

25% Tax Free Pension Lump Sum   As long as you are aged 55 or over then the first quarter of your pension fund (25%) can be paid to you as a tax free lump sum.

Pension Fund Release after 55   No matter what you may read on other websites, only in very rare and unusual circumstances will you be able to release any money from your pension fund before the age of 55.

Pension Release Information   The FREE personal information pack we provide with every quote explains this in detail. Click Here to get your copy.

The remaining 75% is invested in a regulated pension drawdown plan with Royal London, a leading UK provider

Managing your Pension Fund   Releasing the 25% Tax Free Pension Lump Sum is the easy part - the hard part, and we think the most important part, is managing the remaining 75% until you need it.

Trusted UK Pension Release Company   It is also important that you know exactly where your pension fund is at all times. With us your money isn't sent offshore, or tied up in some complicated loan arrangement or a pension scheme you have never heard of. We use one of the UK's biggest and well known pension companies - Royal London (formally Scottish Life).

Income Drawdown Regulated   Royal London constantly win awards for their service, pension products and investment funds, and like us they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Managing the remaining 75%   We continually work on your behalf to manage the remaining 75% of your pension fund in line with your wishes.

Pension Fund Reviews   Naturally it is hoped that all the while your fund is invested it will grow, although obviously this cannot be guaranteed. We will review your fund with you on an annual basis. You can also request a fund review anytime you wish.

Pension Law and Lump Sums   The fund in the income drawdown plan remains yours and you can use it as you wish in line with the pension legislation applicable at the time. Full information on income drawdown, including its risks and benefits, is available in the FREE income drawdown quote and information pack. This website is also packed with comprehensive information.

Our Service and You

We are a UK pension specialist regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA] (227014). After arranging payment of your 25% Tax Free Lump Sum, the remaining 75% of your pension fund will be placed with one of the UK's leading pension providers Royal London who are also FCA regulated. This means that you have the confidence of knowing your money is always in safe hands.

If you instruct us to act on your behalf, we will arrange for your existing pension provider to transfer your pension direct to Royal London. We NEVER touch, see or hold your money.

Our aim is to put our customers in control of their pension. We want them to make informed decisions about their pension and their future. For this reason we provide a comprehensive information pack with every quote and before any business is done. The information pack will tell you everything you need to know about income drawdown and much more.

Our customers constantly give us positive feedback about our service and the way we look after them. Over 80% of our customers (if not higher) score us 10 out of 10 for living up to our claim to offer a good old fashioned personal service via the internet. We have never seen a score of 7 or lower!!

However we are at our best in sorting out problems for customers. On occasion some pension providers appear to want to hold onto your money as if it were their own. We are tireless in working to resolve these issues in favour of our customers. While thankfully problems like these are rare, when issues do occur our endeavours in achieving a positive outcome for our customers earn us the best feedback of all !!

We work with our customers all the while their pension is with us. Apart from annual and customer requested fund reviews, we can provide customers with fund valuations or if they prefer they can log onto a Royal London website and check for themselves.

We also keep customers updated with issues relating to their pension fund such as the changes to pension rules which came into effect in April 2015, and of course we are always available to them at the end of the telephone to answer any questions or issues they may have.

We sincerely don't believe you will find a cheaper quote or better service anywhere else.

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”Considerate, conscientious and confidence-inspiring”

From the start Bob and his team let us know that they understood our nervousness about deciding what to do with our pension fund.  We were never put under any pressure to make a decision; on the contrary, the team were considerate of our need to take our time to think about what we were doing and be satisfied that we were doing the right thing.  It didn’t seem to matter how many questions we threw at them – they always replied promptly and in as much detail as necessary and they were always ready to help further.

Indeed, we were very impressed by just how conscientious they are.   We received emails and paperwork accompanying every step we took and it would be no exaggeration to say that no efforts were spared to make sure that everything was documented down to the last detail.

Bob and his team inspire confidence and do so in a way that is friendly and familiar.  We’re confident that we’ve found someone who understands what’s going on in the pension industry and is able to help us make our own decisions about how best to invest our fund.   And we’re happy that this person is someone who’s always very approachable and ready  to do what he can to help his clients. 

Mr V.S
Score : 10 out of 10
10 out of 10 Pension Lump sum Service
"Pensioners will have complete
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George Osborne Budget Statement - 19th March 2014
Please Note : The new Pension Freedoms place a great deal of responsibility on the customer to make the right long term decision about their pension fund and how it is used. While Government Ministers say they "trust" people to make the right decisions, they will not have to deal with the financial consequences of a customer making the wrong decision. Your pension fund was intended to provide you with a long term income in retirement, if you take it all as one lump sum you may find yourself with little or no income during the later years of your life. This website does not give personal financial advice, you should think very carefully before making an irreversible decision. If you are in any doubt please request our independent financial advice service or speak to the Govenment's free guidance service Pension Wise.
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